The Mae Shi | "Run To Your Grave"


Before splitting up in 2010, experimental punk band The Mae Shi released their last album, HLLLYH. A jolt of spastic electronics and frantic vocals, it was also a concept album themed around Judeo-Christian religion. The Mae Shi's membership held a wide spread of personal beliefs ranging from ardent atheist to devout believer, and the band's democratic songwriting process meant that not only do the songs skitter from passage to passage faster than comprehension, their stance toward the Deity is impossible to pin down (the album's title can be pronounced, "Hallelujah" or "Hell yeah").

For example, the mind-melting "PWND" takes the perspective of a soul-reaving Angel of Death pouring out indiscriminate wrath on the earth at the behest of a depraved God. "Run to Your Grave", on the other hand, urgently warns against slavery to money, and its final, repeated refrain, "Scream, cry, pray, confess/God will do the rest", is something else completely - a paean to self-abnegation and trust in God.