Jay Tholen | "Be Alright"

ALBUM: Control Me (2010)

One of the purest (in the sense of "authentic") Christian musicians working today, Jay Tholen blends chiptune with pretty much everything else he can find in the kitchen sink. With song titles like "The Last Words of a Fat Old Pervert" and charming handmade album covers, he's cut from the Daniel Johnston cloth of naked sincerity, deranged humor, and obsessive idiosyncratism. Creativity steams from his very pores. 

In addition to being a musician, Tholen is also a video game developer - his passion project Dropsy is a little over two weeks from release after a tortuous development process. So total is his dedication that Tholen admitted in this interview from March that his house was being foreclosed on because of financial straits he's been through to bring the game to completion. How can you not love this guy?

"Be Alright" is from Control Me, an album Tholen describes as "an honest expression of my love for the Gospel". It's a bouncy SNES-flavored pop tune dosed with ukelele and liberal keyboard-noodling to go with the firebrand lyricism. Listen below.