Andrew Peterson | "Mountains On the Ocean Floor"

ALBUM: The Far Country (2005)

Though long part of the in-decline CCM scene, Nashville singer-songwriter Andrew Peterson has always stood out thanks to his humble reverence and deeply thoughtful songwriting, much like his idol Rich Mullins did before him. His upcoming album, The Burning Edge of Dawn, Is due next month, and it continues the musical diversificaton begun on 2010's excellent Counting Stars and especially 2012's equally excellent Light for the Lost Boy. But while those albums evolved Peterson's sonic palette, his love of unconventional song structure and ear for a great melody go way back. 

"Mountains on the Ocean Floor", from 2005's The Far Country, showcases those traits perfectly, with Peterson using volcanic undersea mountains as a potent metaphor for God's grace, invisibly stored up and waiting to be revealed.  Listen below.