Listen to "That Last Hill", from Bill Mallonee's next LP

Bill Mallonee has the work ethic of Santa's elves and an Olympic rowing team, all crammed into a single folk singer. Since his group Vigilantes of Love disbanded in 2001, he's released over twenty full-length solo albums. How in the world he keeps it up is anyone's guess (these are good albums, too!), but he's not slowing down now. His most recent LP, Lands & Peoples, came out in May of this very year, and he's already got another full record coming our way in November. "That Last Hill" is from the upcoming Slow Trauma, and it finds Mallonee writing "as the last few grains of sand fall through the slender neck of the hourglass" (he's 61 this year), straining to see what awaits over that final hump in the horizon. Listen below.