"This Night", from All the Pretty Colors' new Christmas-but-not-Christmas album

Jordan and Larissa Faulknor (aka All the Pretty Colors) are Southern folk - Oklahoma, Texas, and Arkansas - recently relocated to Maine, and their new record Emmanuel, is a refreshingly un-Christmas-y musical meditation on the Nativity. Though Emmanuel had its genesis in a series of laptop-recorded covers of holiday tunes slapped together with friends, there's hardly a sleigh bell to be found on the album, and even the few remaining Christmas carol covers sound fresh with All the Pretty Colors' inventive and lavish treatment.

"This Night" is the album's fourth track, and shifts halfway from a thumping folk-pop praise song to a more thoughtful meditation that's pulled onward by an angular electric guitar solo. Jordan Faulknor says it attempts to get inside of Joseph and Mary's heads as they grapple with the Incarnation before them: "What did it feel like... when that baby is staring back at you, and all the typical flood of parental emotions are swirling within this even larger cloud of mystery, wonder, and gratitude?" Check it out below.