Bifrost Arts shares new record, Lamentations

One of the last decade's most consistent and refreshing sources of sacred music has been the non-profit known as Bifrost Arts, a collective spearheaded by one Isaac Wardell that aims to "enrich the church and engage the world with beauty and truth." The group's new album, was released last week, and though Bifrost has never really been much for lavish arrangements (except for that bombastic Advent record), Lamentations sound is more stark and unadorned than anything they've put out thus far. That's in keeping with the album's aim, which is to rediscover the Christian practice of lament in worship - the album's release video notes that scripture tells us Jesus had the only perfect heart, and that it was "always breaking".

"Rise Up" is the second song on Lamentations, and was written by Wardell, using a melody by Evan Mazunik (who had one of our favorite albums of last year) and features vocals by Lauren Goans of Lowland Hum (who had another one of our favorite albums of last year). The rest of the album is amazing, as well, and features four live bonus tracks in addition to a new version of Michael Van Patter's "Our Song in the Night" from his record last year which was yet another of our favorites. Hear "Rise Up" below.