Listen to "Be My Treasure" from Emerald Hymns' excellent new record

It's easy to think there isn't much more to innovate in the sphere of worship and devotional music, but every so often something comes along that makes your ears prickle - Emerald Hymns' Psalms, Hymns, & Spiritual Songs is one of those albums. Put together by musicians from Seattle's Grace Church, it draws on old and new texts, and features eleven tracks realized in a surprising number of styles but with an ornate chamber pop as its defining sound. The arrangements throughout are sharp and the musicianship deft: opener "Come, Messiah, Come" has a beautifully swirling string section, and the slow-building prayer "Let Your Kingdom Come" is stirring and quietly epic.

The album's second track breaks that mold completely, though: "Be My Treasure" is one of the very few successful attempts I've ever heard at wedding indie rock sonics to devotional music. It sounds like The National stepped into their local parish to lead Sunday morning worship - though their attendant gloom has been siphoned away, and bandleader Jess Alldredge's clear timbre is a good alternative to Matt Berninger's sleepy moan. Check the song out below.