Linda Perhacs shares "The Dancer" from upcoming third LP, launches Kickstarter

It seemed like a miracle when we got a second record from psych-folk pioneer/healer/dental hygienist Linda Perhacs, but now it seems we're getting a third one, too. While her one-off 1970 debut Parallelograms was a commercial flop, it amassed a cult of fans over the following several decades - though that was unbeknown to the artist, who continued in her dental practice. Upon discovering her unconscious success in the music world, she returned to recording, releasing a Parallelograms follow-up called The Soul of All Natural Things through Asthmatic Kitty in 2014.

Now Perhacs has a third collection in the offing, and she's eschewing a label and launching a Kickstarter to fund and release it independently - though many collaborators from that 2014 record are returning to lend a hand. Among them are Julia Holter and producer Fernando Perdomo, as well as some guy named Devendra Banhart and Wilco's Pat Sansone, who will co-produce.

You can hear "The Dancer", the first song released from the as-yet-untitled album, below, and watch the Kickstarter video below that. Though be warned if you're short on cash - even if you've never heard her magical music before, you might find yourself backing because of the sheer warmth and peace that radiates from the woman. Perhacs, in addition to her dental hygiene and musical careers, has a healing practice, and in the video she has an honestly-quite-inspiring exhortation to deliver: "...our world is in trouble. There are serious signs of some pretty significant illnesses in our world that lead to more wars, more problems... I'd like to encourage all of us that have a gift of any kind that can be of any help to the world that it's time to manifest those gifts and do what we can."