mewithoutYou and Say Anything have got each other covered

mewithoutYou and Say Anything are sharing stages together this spring, and to mark the occasion they're hawking a tour-only 7" split featuring the bands covering each other's songs. These aren't straightforward covers, though. Say Anything's Max Bemis has turned Catch for Us the Foxes opener "Torches Together" into the even-angstier "Torches Apart", while mewithoutYou's Aaron Weiss has retooled Say Anything's "Cemetery" into "Cleo's Ferry Cemetery", injecting words from a Morrissey song and his own typically excellent lyricism.

It's not the first time the groups have mingled their musical efforts, either - Weiss had a guest verse on "Push", from Say Anything's 2012 release Hebrews. Like that song, these covers highlight the common ground between the two singers as artists whose Jewish background figures heavily in their explorations of Christianity in both music and life. Check out "Cleo's Ferry Cemetery" and "Torches Apart" below.

[via The FADER]