Hear "Audrey Lang Syne" from grunge duo The Normal Knees' new LP

With artists' pictures, interviews, and life story at the tip of our thumbs these days, it's rare to be completely in the dark about who's behind the music we listen to. Yet Attic Static Sticker Star, the debut LP from The Normal Knees, who operate with total anonymity, is a reminder of what it was like to find a dusty and mysterious compact disc (or cassette, or record) wedged between sofa cushions, then pop it in with no idea who in the world you're hearing,

Attic Static Sticker Star is a production of the Nehemiah Foundation for Cultural Renewal, (which has both a stuffy name and a very cool mission: to support good Christian art and artists) and in addition to a redacted biography, the band stipulated zero financial compensation for the album - you can get it free on Bandcamp. Listen to the opening track "Audrey Lang Syne" below, and if its combination of stripped-bare 90s grunge and sensitive Belle & Sebastian vocals strikes you right, try some of the Foundation's other releases, too (ie, the tasty indie pop of Fiery Crash, or Physick's sprawling psych epic Death is Their Shepherd).