Dalama Jones | "Under the Sun"

ALBUM: Voyage de l'Âme (2014)

Around this time last year, Saskatchewan-based artist Dalama Jones released Voyage de l'Âme, a pleasure tour of nineteen miniature experimental soundscapes that stands as the strongest work in the 21-year-old's seven-year career. Jones' brand of cut-and-cut-and-cut-and-paste instrumental hip-hop takes strong cues from J Dilla, but the audio samples he threads throughout usually lean into the metaphysical in one way or another.

"Under the Sun" (which takes its name from Ecclesiastes' lament that "there is nothing new") features a heavily-lisped discourse on cosmic determinism pulled from Richard Linklater's film Waking Life, and the production Jones couches it in gives it an even more detached, out-to-lunch feel. Listen below.