David Wimbish laments Orlando and other recent shootings with "2:4"

North Carolina's The Collection have a new album in the offing that's due this fall, but following the horrific massacre in Orlando, Florida, bandleader David Wimbish has recorded and shared a new song in response to the tragedy. "2:4" takes its title from Isaiah ("...they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks...") and in Wimbish's words, "wrestle[s] through my frustration, sadness, and ally-ship with minorities, victims of gun violence, and hurting people around our country and the world." The song is a powerful lament full of anguish for the murdered, but there's real anger in Wimbish's voice when he indicts the circumstances that lead to such frequent shootings - "Did you forget to melt arms into machinery?" - and a downtrodden hope verging on despair when he sings, "Maybe there's a sun behind the clouds/Maybe there's a face behind the funeral shroud/But when will the rain let up?/We're soaked to the bone".

Listen to "2:4" below.