Listen to "D.Day" from weirdo-country artist JaHool's Bandana's newest album


In a secluded corner of Bandcamp, an artist named Ross Tuttle is speedily cultivating one of the site’s most unique and idiosyncratic oeuvres. A South Carolina native currently studying theology in Vancouver, Tuttle has put out a string of four ultra-lo-fi releases over the last several months under the moniker JaHool's Bandana, with the project acting as “an outlet for all these indulgent songs i've been writing which keep coming out as an awkward mix between silly country songs, spiritual angst, and young love <3.”

JaHool’s Bandana's latest release is entitled ( i will )L-I-V-E-E-T-E-R-N-A-L-L-Y, and it's low-stakes stuff (as you can maybe tell from the cover art), but the tossed-off, reactionary aesthetic is a big part of its charm. The album's five brief tracks are intriguing and odd, with Tuttle's swooping twang recalling Joanna Newsom, of all people. His sly humor is on display on "D.Day", where he reads deep significance into everyday experiences like seeing a shaft of light or brushing the hand of a classmate ("I accidentally touched your hand/Passing papers, ooh, can be pretty sensuous, man"), all the while asking Dorothy Day to intercede for his soul. Listen below.