Listen to the stirring "Be'elohim" by Tel Aviv's Miqedem

For all you hear about the Judeo-Christian foundations of Western civilization, it's easy to forget the obvious fact that the roots of the faith are in the East. Miqedem, the self-titled debut by the Tel Aviv five-piece (their name means "from the east") is the perfect corrective. The record pulls entirely from the Hebrew Tanakh, blending theatrical folk rock dynamics with a range of Middle Eastern instrumentation. The album's fantastic first track, "Be'elohim", repeats just a single verse from Psalm 44 (verse 8 in the Hebrew, 9 in the English). Read the lyrics and translation below, and listen to "Bel'elohim" below that:

 Be’elohim hilalnu kol hayom

Veshimcha le’olam node


In God have we gloried all the day

And we will give thanks unto Your name for ever.