Listen to the truly haunting found-sound track "Joy, Easily and Effortlessly" by art rockers Sun Body

The self-titled debut from Sun Body, a quartet hailing from Midland Park, New Jersey, is a diverse set of six mostly-instrumental tracks that rewards patient listeners with textured, experimental rock and a capacious sense of scale. The album's fourth track, "Joy, Easily and Effortlessly" features audio of a young woman that at first seems to be an amusing parody of the most acquisitive of name-it-and-claim-it prosperity prayers:       "Thank you God for the beautiful and perfect home you have in store for us. Thank you God for providing us with all the wonderful furniture and decorations at a price we can easily afford. Brian and I accept expected and unexpected resources, now and forever... Brian and my cash flow is always overflowing, now and forever... Money is drawn to Brian and I now and forever..."

But when asked about the audio's source - did the band write and record it? - bandleader Zack Borzone's answer is jaw-dropping:

"my friend and i were walking through my town, and there was a crashed car parked in front of the high school as a warning for prom weekend and drinking and driving. we were messing around with it and he broke the windshield, so we climbed in and looked around. He found some tapes inside the gloves box labelled "affirmations" and "stuff". We listened through them and they sounded like homemade affirmations tapes, but it was sort of para-gospel. she was mentioning god and "the spirit" a lot, but it all sounded somewhat unsure and very clearly unrealistic. like the part in the song where you hear her say "my husband and i make over 6 million... a month". my friends and i were all silent after listening through the tapes because it was just really clear that we had been deep inside someone's life. There were some parts of the tape that I decided not to include in the track just out of respect for her."

Listen to "Joy, Easily and Effortlessly" below.