The Welcome Wagon records unreleased Sufjan song "The Greatest Gift"

Apparently, Sufjan Stevens is the man to tap if you want some moving and germane live music for your special occasion. If you'll remember, he wrote a gorgeous tune for Reverend Vito Aiuto's ordination that eventually appeared on his 2003 Michigan album, and now Aiuto, the husband half of the husband-wife duo The Welcome Wagon, is telling the story of a wedding he officiated where Stevens performed a song called "The Greatest Gift" for the gathered guests. Aiuto's eloquent recollection-cum-homily was posted on the Kickstarter for The Welcome Wagon's third record Light Up the Stairs, along with a rough cut of their version of the song, which will appear on the album:

"I never again heard the song Sufjan sang that day until about a year ago. He had made a recording of it, and when he sent it to me, he told me he wasn’t going to release it and that we could have it. Another gift from him to us, and once again, as his gifts often are, so timely, because I thought of the record we were in the midst of making, Light Up The Stairs, songs about how terribly difficult and necessary it is to both give and receive love: with God, with each other, and with ourselves."

Read the rest at the Light Up the Stairs Kickstarter, and listen to "The Greatest Gift" below.