Check out The Innocence Mission's video for "Hello I Feel the Same" from their upcoming LP

The Innocence Mission's first record in five years is due later this month (married-couple band members Karen and Don Peris have both released solo albums in the interim) , and they recently shared the accompanying video for title track "I Feel the Same". The beautiful piece features endearingly crude stop-motion animation that seems cobbled from whatever paper, crayons, and paints happened to be in the nearest desk drawer, and the brief tune is classic Innocence Mission - Karen's distinctively reedy whisper is cozily snuggled up against the warm acoustic guitar and tambourine.

Here's what she told Culture Collide about the track's meaning: "Maybe each of us feels at times that we are not understood, that we cannot make our meaning clear. This song is meant to tell about an opposite kind of moment, where someone might say to us, ‘Hey, I know exactly what you mean, this is true for me also!’" Watch and listen below.