Watch JGivens' legitimately mind-blowing 360° video

If you're wondering if a jumbo jet is passing overhead, don't worry - that's just the buzz for JGivens' new album building to a deafening roar. That's thanks in part to the new video for "10, 2 Get In", where JGivens and fellow Humble Beast Odd Thomas sit around a game dominoes, spitting verses between moves. The track is great and the antics of their barbecuing, shed-sitting, hairdressing friends in the background are amusing, but the really remarkable thing is viewers can manipulate the camera in a full range of motion. Around this time next year, 360° video will probably seem passé, but right now for the uninitiated it's like watching The Matrix for the first time in 1999.

Remember that you need to watch it on a smartphone after downloading the official YouTube app in order to get the proper experience. Fly Exam is out September 25. Download that YouTube app, then watch "10, 2 Get In" below.