Eagle Rock Gospel Singers announce Staples tribute EP, share sizzling live performance of "Hammer and Nail"

One of last year's best albums was the Eagle Rock Gospel Singers' debut Heavenly Fire, which resurrected old-timey gospel/bluegrass with its lifeblood still pumping vigorously. Now, the LA group is announcing their next release: a three-song EP called Hammer and Nail: A Tribute to the Staple Singers. While the Staple Singers are an obvious influence for a band like Eagle Rock, vocalist Kim Garcia has said in the past that Mavis Staples in particular has played a large role in her own formation as a singer: "When I write something, I try to think about what Mavis would sing, and go from there."

The group played the title track at Sofar Sounds in Los Angeles recently, and you can watch the dynamite performance below, and see the cover of the new EP below that. Hammer and Nail: A Tribute to the Staple Singers is due out June 17.