Watch Seth Martin's captivating one-take performance of "Wind Blown River Run"

South Korea-based folk artist Seth Martin (세스 마틴) recently collaborated with video outfit Offstage Live to create a series of four beautiful videos they filmed at a variety of locales around the city of Jinju. Jay Kim lensed the videos, and for the final installment, "Wind Blown River Run", his placement of the camera just behind the couch where Seth's loved one Nan Young Lee is sleeping (beneath two massive teddy bears) lends the performance a solemn intimacy.

The song is off Martin's most recent full-length, Halfway Home - shedding light on its theme, he says, "Our brave new world is full of technology, war and madness—but no roots. This is a song about trying to find home, together." "Wind Blown River Run" is embedded below, as are links to the other three videos in the series. If you like this one don't hesitate to check them out - each is unique and well worth a watch.

  1. "Goodbye, Goodbye"
  2. "The Rooster"
  3. "Feeling So Cold"