Watch Steve Taylor/Danielson get drenched in the new video for "Wow to the Deadness"

Steve Taylor & the Danielson Foil just debuted the splooshy, rainbow-hued new video for the title track from their upcoming EP (produced by Steve Albini!). The song is terrific and it looks like the band had a blast making the video - Taylor had this to say about it: “It was a simple concept. Roll camera, pretend you’re on fire, and have your bandmates offscreen try and extinguish you with water balloons. Bonus points were awarded for direct hits to the face.” 

Also watch for: Peter Furler slicing a water balloon out of mid-air with a drumstick, and the pricelessly droll glare Taylor is constantly shooting at the camera. Wow to the Deadness is out February 5.

[via Paste]