Grab a phone and watch Chance the Rapper's awesome video for "How Great"

Probably the only event this year harder to foresee than Donald Trump becoming a major US party's presidential nominee was Chance the Rapper borrowing a Chris Tomlin song whole-cloth for his third mixtape. Coloring Book was released earlier this year to much acclaim and much hubbub over its Christian references and gospel stylings (though the weirdness of "How Great Is Our God" being on such a massive hip-hop album is totally lost on non-Christian music critics). Now Chance's version of "How Great" has gotten an official music video, which he unceremoniously shared on Twitter. The song has two distinct halves, the first featuring Chance's cousin Nicole and a gospel choir singing the contemporary worship standard, while the second features Chance and Jay Electronica spitting Scripture-heavy rhymes accompanied by the choir.

The video was shot on an iPhone and meant to be viewed on one, with an orientation that flips 90 degrees at every cut, making you keep rotating the phone to keep the picture right side up. Honestly, it's kind of annoying. Let's hope this style doesn't catch on. But if you happen to be reading this on a computer, you should still grab your smartphone or - for those blessed, beautiful folks who don't have one - use someone else's, because it's a wonderful video and absolutely worth the trouble. Check it out: