Motherfolk shares cathedral-set long-take video for “Fold II”

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Ohio’s Motherfolk made a strong impression with their 2016 sophomore record Fold, and now they're sharing a series of live performance videos in support of its newly-released deluxe edition. Fold's gutsy folk-rock is sprinkled with found-sound recordings and other production flourishes, but this new video for "Fold II" pares the six-piece down to original members Bobby Paver and Nathan Dickerson to raw effect. The video was filmed at St. Francis Xavier Church in the band's native Cincinnati, and features a single long shot that opens tight on Paver's guitar and slowly skates backward down the sanctuary aisle to reveal more and more of the cathedral's dazzling interior.

Part of a series of three tracks that punctuate and bookend the record, "Fold II" has Paver addressing God, asking "Are you happy with what you've done?" and asserting "You made us bound to fall", before finding resolution in the song's last verse. Check out the video for "Fold II" below.