Watch the magnificent video for Vic Thrill's "The Creator"

If you're a hardcore This American Life listener, you might remember the classic episode where the Williamsburg, Brooklyn musician Vic Thrill asks God for a chance to meet the neighborhood's "other half" and has his prayer answered when he meets a young Hasidic man named Chaim, whom he helps to launch a meteoric indie rock career as "Curly Oxide". A member of Williamsburg's indie music since 1998, Thrill (aka Billy Campion) is still going strong, even though the spectre of gentrification and rapidly rising rents that has long floated over the neighborhood has led to the recent closure of many of its beloved venues.

Campion recently shared the video for "The Creator", from his upcoming double album Bollywood Hula Bard, and it's both mesmerizing and powerful. The video was shot in the South Williamsburg basement that serves as both his studio and home, and there's a conscious Bowie influence in the magnetic aura he affects (Bowie, a huge inspiration for the artist, died the day before the video shoot, and if you watch closely, at one moment you can see some of the "Ashes to Ashes" video projected on his chest). The song itself has an intensely spiritual feel, with bodhrán and a heavy drone ringing as Campion imagines the world "through the eyes of the Creator". He says nearly the whole thing came to him in a dream: "I dreamed I was being given a ride by the spirit of GOD, which had taken a form that was several football fields in length and moved like a water snake to propel itself through outer space. I was being given a tour of the universe by the One who made it and an opportunity to see everything how IT did. I was singing 'Through the eyes of the Creator!' just like you hear it in the song. I woke up and sang it right into my iPhone, went back to bed and woke up again in the morning where I finished the rest of it at breakfast."

Watch "The Creator" below.